Novoheart Contracts with Global Pharma to Develop Novel Microplate for High Throughput Drug Screening Using Engineered Human Heart Tissue Strips

Novoheart is pleased to announce the completion of a research and development contract sponsored by a top 10 global pharma. The contract deliverables will see Novoheart further expand its current testing capabilities of the MyHeartTM Platform by designing and developing a new versatile High-Throughput microplate which will allow the screening of hundreds of drugs using engineered human ventricular Cardiac Tissue Strips (hvCTS). Termed the hvCTS-96, the disposable microplate is a custom-designed plate with 96 "wells" used to simultaneously cultivate 96 individual miniature hvCTS, and will be compatible with robotic plate handling systems for automated high-throughput screening.

Novoheart’s MyHeartTM Platform, which includes its ‘human heart-in-a-jar’ technology, is providing engineered human cardiac tissue models for testing the efficacy and safety of drugs to predict human responses with more accuracy. The hvCTS-96 will increase the breadth and depth of the MyHeartTM Platform by offering a range of complementary but distinctive novel technologies to clients. The microplate market is estimated at CAD$980M (USD$750M).

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