Novoheart Announces Successful Completion of Second Commercial Contract with Global Pharmaceutical Company

Novoheart is pleased to announce the successful completion of a second commercial contract with a major global pharma partner, where Novoheart successfully designed and generated engineered human heart cells, tissues and chambers that carried a hereditary neurological disorder with cardiac dysfunction being the most frequent cause of death, in over two thirds of the afflicted individuals. The various disease-specific heart constructs are then used as the only human heart tissue models available for testing novel therapeutic candidates that target the disease. The second contract was initiated after a successful initial collaboration that validated the drug screening capabilities of Novoheart's proprietary MyHeart™ Platform. 

Under the agreement, Novoheart has retained ownership of intellectual property generated from the project. A joint scientific report is currently being finalized by both parties, and will be submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Further details will be announced separately.

For the detailed press release, please click here.

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