Novoheart Signs New Contract with Sumocor to Develop Novel Therapeutics for Heart Failure

Novoheart has entered into a commercial agreement with Sumocor LLC, a biotech company based in New York City that is focused on the development of therapeutics for cardiovascular diseases. Pursuant to the agreement, Novoheart will test Sumocor's candidate therapeutics in three phases on Novoheart's MyHeart™ Platform of human bioengineered heart constructs, to provide thorough pre-clinical assessment of efficacy and cardiotoxicity in the context of human heart tissues and chambers, in preparation for filing an Investigational New Drug (IND) application to the United States Food and Drug Administration by Sumocor. 

Sumocor is developing small molecule therapeutics that target SUMO1, a "chaperone" protein that regulates the activity of key transporter genes, which is deficient in the failing heart. Phase I of the agreement is to focus on intensive toxicity screening of Sumocor's lead compounds on Novoheart's MyHeart™ Platform, following which additional candidates may be screened for efficacy as well as toxicity in Phase II. In Phase III, the best candidate(s) will be comprehensively profiled using the proprietary human heart-in-a-jar technology. The multi-phase project is expected to last 10 months, generating an estimated income of C$380,000.

For the detailed press release, please click here.

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