Novoheart's Landmark, Peer-Reviewed Study Published, Recognizing the Effectiveness of the World's First and Only Human Heart-in- a-Jar

Novoheart is pleased to announce that it has published a comprehensive study of the world's first human heart-in-a-jar, in the prestigious bioengineering journal Biomaterials. The peer-reviewed paper showcases the human heart-in-a-jar's unique ability to recapitulate multiple important and complex biological properties of the native human heart, including clinically recognized responses to a variety of pharmacological compounds and interventions. The publication can be accessed online here.

The human ventricular cardiac organoid chamber (hvCOC), also known as "human heart-in-a-jar", is a truly three-dimensional, bioengineered miniature cardiac pump, representing a highly sophisticated bio-artificial heart construct exclusively available from Novoheart's MyHeartTM Platform. In this publication, the hvCOC is comprehensively characterized in detail, including its remarkable ability to simulate key characteristics and behaviors of the native human heart at the genetic, electrical and mechanical levels.

As the flagship technology of the Company's MyHeartTM Platform, the "human heart-in-a-jar" is being commercialized to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Novoheart has exclusive global rights to this IP protected world's first technology. 


For the detailed press release, please click here.

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