Novoheart Files Patent Application on Disease Modeling Based on Landmark Research Conducted During Second Contract with Global Pharma Partner

Novoheart is pleased to announce that it has filed a patent application on the use of its proprietary MyHeartTM Platform of human bioengineered heart tissues to create disease models for neurological diseases in which afflicted patients suffer and often die from cardiac dysfunction. The IP, which is solely owned by Novoheart, was developed as part of the Company’s successfully completed second contract with a Global Pharma partner.

The disease models will benefit patients and drug developers by providing a unique and robust platform for testing candidate therapeutics, ensuring that the best leads are chosen for clinical development. They also serve as an experimental model for unraveling pathological mechanisms of the diseases and for providing insights into potential drug targets.

This technology can immediately be applied to drug screening as well as mechanistic studies to identify potential druggable targets for treating patients suffering from these debilitating diseases. With its proven capability, Novoheart will continue to create human cardiac tissue disease models for various disorders and in doing so, help bring new treatments into the pipeline for such diseases by substantially reducing the costs and increasing the success rates.

For the detailed press release, please click here.

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