human ventricular
Cardiac Organoid Chamber (hvCOC)
Next Generation “Heart-in-a-jar” provides the most sophisticated model of cardiac function

Fluid-ejecting human ventricular chamber with capabilities for clinically relevant characterization.


3D environment enhances maturation of ventricular cardiomyocytes, thereby providing superior model for adult ventricular function.


Pressure-volume loop, ejection fraction and volumetric electrical propagation are some of the clinical parameters that are only measurable in this 3D platform.

Novoheart's human ventricular Cardiac Organoid Chamber (hvCOC, aka human heart in-a-jar) model is the ONLY macroscopic human cardiac tissue model on the market that is capable of mimicking fluid pumping similar to natural heart.

The hvCOC model aims to better predict the effects of new pharmaceutical compounds on the human heart early in the development process before clinical trials. No other in vitro tissue models recapitulate the natural pumping function of the human heart like Novoheart's hvCOC.

  • 3D tissue-engineered model mimicking pumping of a cardiac chamber
  • Enhanced cellular maturation
  • Clinically relevant functional readouts, such as PV loop analysis, developed pressure, cardiac output and ejection fraction
  • 3D optical mapping for arrhythmogenicity assay
  • Cardiac Toxicity Screening: identification of chronotropes, lusitropes, pro-arrhythmic compounds, inotropes, and dromotropes.
  • Disease Modeling: studies on human cardiomyopathies and channelopathies.
  • Drug Discovery: drug screening and efficacy assessment of chronotropes, lusitropes, pro-arrhythmic compounds, inotropes and dromotropes.
  • Regenerative Studies: studies on contractile and electrophysiological maturation in human cardiomyocytes.
  • Functional Assessment: combination of contractility and electrophysiology in a single ventricle-like human heart chamber.
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