MyHeart™ Products Available for Purchase

Human Cardiomyocytes

  1. Unpurified human CMs (>70% purity)
  2. Purified human ventricular CMs (>95%, MLC2v)

Human ventricular Cardiac Anisotropic Sheet (hvCAS) Assay

  1. hvCAS Assay - Comprehensive Setup
  2. hvCAS L8 µ-grooved substrates
  3. hvCAS L10 µ-grooved substrates
  4. hvCAS L15  µ-grooved substrates
  5. hvCAS  µ-grooved substrates (custom dimensions)

Human ventricular Cardiac Tissue Strip (hvCTS) Assay

  1. hvCTS Assay - Comprehensive Setup
  2. hvCTS Assay - Comprehensive Setup + Analysis Software
  3. hvCTS Bioreactor Fabrication Kit

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